Is any video tutorial about to install ODK aggregate to Apache Server


I am a new user of the ODK app. I have access of cPanel of Apache Server. How can I install ODK Aggregate to my Apache Server? Is any video tutorial about installing Aggregate. I don’t understand anything from opendatakit documentation. Please help me.

Thank you so much.

Good morning @TanzilHuda,
What you need is not apache server but pace tomcat, the java server :
After that, using the aggregate installer, you will have to configure the archive to deploy on tomcat . It will ask you basic parameters as server url, database's host, name, user and password.
Once that done, just deploy, the generated ".war" file on tomcat.

Thanks for reply @mathieubossaert. Actually, I need a video tutorial about to set up ODK Aggregate in Tomcat server. Is that available any video tutorial in online? I search a lot, but fail to discover the video tutorial about to install ODK Aggregate for Tomcat. I can't understand the documentation from So I badly need a video tutorial.

Thanks a lot.

Do you already have tomcat installed and aggregate well configured wiyh the installer ?

I only have installed Apache Tomcat 8.5, But can't install ODK aggregate on Tamcat Server.

There are tutorials on youtube for this.

You don't really need to setup an aggregate server. You can direct your app traffic to google sheets as well, if this makes life easier for you.

Hi @TanzilHuda,

Were you successful in installing the aggregate. If not checkout this thread