Is there a way of coding a questionnaire in a table form as shown in this picture?


I would like to code a questionnaire for the evaluation of an HIV and AIDS delivery model. However, coding the questionnaire to accept data elements for each month will result in a voluminous questionnaire hence the question on whether there is way to a questionnaire in a table form as shown in the picture.

I am coding my questionnaire using xlsform on ODK 2.0.

Sample questionnaire.docx (189.1 KB)

As I described here Building a table or matrix for a set of questions on XLSForm tableView in not implemented.

@Grzesiek2010 I don't know if that link is relevant because @Kennethchola is using ODK 2. Am I right, Kenneth?

You're right Yaw, I am using ODK.

Hi @Kennethchola

We have an example of a Survey form that uses a grid input like the one you describe.

This is draw from the samples that come by default in the Application Designer:

Full documentation for App Designer is available here:

Specifically, take a look at the gridScreen form. Load the sample onto your phone, launch ODK Survey, and scroll down to "Grid Screen Form". Create a new instance and you should see a grid of inputs for a price comparison of different grocery stores.

The source for this form is available here:

In particular, we have created a custom template that renders this grid. The template file is here:

And the xlsx file is here:

You can see that we have added a column to the "survey" tab called "screen.templatePath". The screen we want to use this template has the path to the template file filled in. The screen then defines all the prompts that the template will use.

Does this help you solve your problem?

Ahh sorry I missed this fact. I saw a few simillar questions recently so I assumed it's ODK Collect too.

hi all, attached is a sample file to demonstrate how it will look like on a ODK Collect. please @Kennethchola can you confirm that this is what you are looking for.

okay2.xml (5.5 KB)
okay2.xlsx (11.8 KB)



Dear Fabla,

Thank you very much for your response and apologies for not getting back to you in good time. The sample that you have provided is closer to what i wanted. Instead of having to tick, it should have an integer so that the enumerator can enter the number as indicated by the questions.

Best regards,