Is there a way to automatically "start Geopoint"

Good morning to all,

I use Geopoint widget with the "placement-map" appearance.
Is it possible to directly go to the map without having to click on the "start Geopoint" button ?
In other words is there a way to skip this first screen.

And directly arrive here ?

Thanks a lot.

Hi @mathieubossaert
The answer is no, there is no such option.

Thanks @Grzesiek2010

@mathieubossaert, I think some of the reasons that it was initially designed this way are:

  • on devices with small screens, embedding a map view may limit how much of the map is visible to the point where it's hard to get enough context
  • it gives data collectors full control over when location acquisition starts. This can help them save on battery and on bandwidth for downloading map tiles
  • it makes it easy to represent a blank point. In some contexts it's better to leave location blank if an accurate point can't be acquired

Could you tell us more about the problem that led you to ask this question?

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I had those reason in mind... I was just asking for a possible tip to do it.
I do not face a problem with it. In our use of geopoint (the start of all obseravtion) this step could be hidden. It is just a question of comfort.
I never heard end-user telling me they want to skip this step :slight_smile:

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I edited my post to add the most important point first which is that on small screens, embedding a map may just mean not enough of it is visible.

All of these reasons have become less important as even cheap devices have become bigger and more performant. I think it's something we should consider re-evaluating at some point.

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