Issue: Fields dependent upon an earlier field are not updated

Hi everyone, I'm new in the forum and I will appreciate your help with this.

I was looking at this issue: Display "others" prompt on same screen as multiple choice question beacuse I want to do the same thing. Basically if it is possible to include a question in a field-list that dependes on the answer of the previous question. For example after a select_multiple question that contains an option like "other" to ask a question about that "other" in the same screen. In that case the conclusion was that it is not possible beacuse you need to move to another screen to "refresh" or "update". But there was an issue in github very related: that in the end it seems that they could figure it out. Sooo, I'd like to know if it is possible to do it in a XLS Form and how.


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@fsznaider Welcome to the forum! If put those two questions (select_multiple, text) on the same screen and add some logic on when you want other to show up, it'll do that.

For example, for a form like this:

Here's what Collect v1.22 will show:

You can find the form here:
color.xlsx (10.7 KB)

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Thank you very very much yanokwa! I've done it and it work just fine :+1::+1: