KoboToolBox: Problems XLSForms referencing external .CSV files

Hi all,

I've just deployed kobo-docker (absolute latest build on an Ubuntu 16.04 server) and everything appears to be working properly. However, I'm having trouble with forms that reference external CSV files. None of the following features of XLSforms have worked for me:

  • pulldata
  • select_one_from_file
  • select_one_external

My XLSforms validate well with the validation tools on the Open Data Kit website. When I attempt to deploy a form with "select_one_from_file" I get an error in that reads "Unknown question type 'select_one_from_file...". Pulldata and "select_one_external" forms do not through errors, but then they don't work with enketo_express in my instance of Kobotoolbox. The external files just aren't used in the web browser form.

I need to reference external data in my forms to populate pick-lists that will need to change. I'm at a complete loss on how to understand what's wrong. It would be great if the kobo-docker git hub repo could include some XLSforms to use in testing (especially testing of more complex features like access of CSV files from a form), so I can eliminate the possibility that I just have badly designed forms and Kobotoolbox is working fine.

Also, when I have a valid XLSform with an "external_choices" sheet, and I can upload it into Kobotoolbox, but when I attempt to deploy, I get an HTTP 500 error to this address: foo/assets/{identifier}/deployment/

Looking at the logs hasn't helped. I just see 500 errors on my request, but I get no details about why I'm getting the 500 errors.


PS. Cross-posted on GitHub here: https://github.com/kobotoolbox/kobo-docker/issues/183

I think I'm experiencing a similar issue:

Has anyone resolved this yet?

Hi @ekansa!

I've combined all your messages onto the same thread.

While Kobo is compatible with ODK, it's not under ODK's governance. For that reason, questions about Kobo should go to the Kobo team. http://help.kobotoolbox.org/

Thanks! I hope to get some response.