Label not display entirely in list with minimal appearence

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I want to display some bird's behaviour in a select_one list with the minimal appearance, but unfortunately some of these behaviour have too long label that can't be shortened... and unlike with the normal list appearance, there is no return at the line for the label, and it's just display 3 dots to show that the label is longer that what is display on the phone

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1.22.4 Collect

here is my form :
sicen_2019.xlsx (26.0 KB)

Is that possible to make the entire label appear ? with a return at the line ?

Thanks in advance for your help


Hi Jean
Not sure if this works in choices, but try putting
in the middle of the choice label.
Also for your select_one ajout_acompagnateur7 choices, you only need this once in the choice list and just use the same choice mutliple times
E.g. For each question just use:
select_one ajout_acompagnateur1 and you can remove all of the other select_one ajout_acompagnateurN choices, this will shorten the choice list.


Thanks for your help DavidM, unfortunately I try to put a return at the line or an '\n' in the label and it doesn't work :confused:

If everyone have an other solution, please let me know !


It's something we should improve in ODK Collect. I'll try to fix the issue.


That would be awsome if choice labels could be formatted with HTML tags and line breaks. Thanks so much @Grzesiek2010 !


Hi @Jeanb,

This problem happens when you use minimal appearance, but works perfectly without it. Even html formatting works in that. I would advice to remove minimal and wait for the fix as @Grzesiek2010 mentioned.


Thanks for your reply all !


when it comes to styling using html I fixed the problem in and it is available in the newest v1.23 version please try it out.

I'll try to improve that case with long labels as well.


Hi Grzesiek2010, thanks for your work !

Thanks, I will try it out tomorrow and feed back to you.

I have tested this for labels of choices, using Collect v1.23.2.
I can confirm that most basic html tags are such as italic and span, however br and p do not provide the line break or block that would split a line, which I guess is the long labels issue. Certainly step forward, thanks for this!

Long labels will be displayed entirely in v1.24, there is a pr which fixes the problem