Limiting adding groups

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hello, i created a group of number of seasons but i want the add group option on ODK build not to allow adding more than 9 options, How can i fix that? am using odk build to design

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Am using ODK build online

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Your question is not clear. Could you detail more what limitation getting in ODK build?
Note that there is no limit to adding "group" in a file and "options" in a select type question in ODK build.

Do you mean not repeating a repeat group more than 9 times? I am not sure about doing it in ODK Build. But here are two posts about limiting the number of times a repeat group can be filled out:

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How can I get data directly from survey repeated groups questions?

am failing to load ODK forum pages on all my computers.

Can you please provide some more information about your issue?

Do you just mean the submitted data? Aggregate does not export repeats so Briefcase or one of the data publishers will be needed to transfer data from Aggregate. The documentation on Repeating groups of questions explains this in detail.

Or do you want to use an answer from inside a repeat group in another question later in the survey (for example, a calculate type)? The documentation on Repeat Recipes and Tips has a section on Referencing answers from repeated questions that should help with that.

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