Linking previous label of specified "Others" to a question

Hi team,am trying to link a label of others from a previous question as follows:

Q1.Which health care workers are working in your facility?[Check all that apply]
General Practitioner
Health Officer
Others, specify1:
B2a If other specify1

Q2.Which healthworker categories are involved when you provide this service?
Essential palliative care and pain control measures, including oral immediate release morphine and medicines for associated symptoms[Check all that apply]
General Practitioner
Health Officer
Others, specify1:

If 'Other' in Q1 is specified as test1,how can I display it in Q2.

I had some difficulty making this work, hopefully someone else can identify what I'm doing wrong.

I can duplicate the list and pull in the answer for the "other" option in the second list.

But when I try to add a choice_filter it stops working - only difference between the screenshot above and below is the addition of selected(${working_here},name) in cell F4 for the choice_filter.

link_answer_to_option_NOT_WORKING.xlsx (10.1 KB)

Thanks a lot for working on this, actually without the filter it works perfectly. I have a long list that requires filtering from previous questions. I appreciate the effort so far@danbjoseph.

@Grzesiek2010 you seem to have all the XLSForm answers :smiley: - if you have a moment, i'd appreciate if you could take a look at why pulling in the answer from a previous text question to be the label for one of the choices in a list stops working when a choice_filter is applied. this one stumped me, what am i doing wrong?

I'm coming to the rescue :slight_smile: This should work well:
link_answer_to_option_NOT_WORKING.xlsx (6.9 KB)
The only thing I changed was label -> label::English in choices. Don't ask my why :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot @Grzesiek2010 ,this has worked.

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