Mapping for health in Cameroon: polio legacy and beyond

If you are interested in mapping with ODK, there's a fantastic paper in The Journal of Infectious Diseases from Louie Rosencrans with work done in Cameroon by a few members of this community (@koumijech, @avoorman).

Mapping for Health in Cameroon: Polio Legacy and Beyond

During the poliovirus outbreak in Cameroon from October 2013 to April 2015, the Ministry of Public Health’s Expanded Program on Immunization requested technical support to improve mapping of health district boundaries and health facility locations for more effective planning and analysis of polio program data. In December 2015, teams collected data on settlements, health facilities, and other features using smartphones. These data, combined with high-resolution satellite imagery, were used to create new health area and health district boundaries, providing the most accurate health sector administrative boundaries to date for Cameroon. The new maps are useful to and used by the polio program as well as other public health programs within Cameroon such as the District Health Information System and the Emergency Operations Center, demonstrating the value of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative’s legacy.

Full paper:

I was part of this effort and built a fun animation of the submissions arriving. The campaign was one week long and each second of the animation is a single day.