Missing data on the Exported CSV

Hi, I've uploaded some form, data is collected on the phone and all fields are captured.. However, much of the fields are empty on the submissions download... what could be the issue?
facility_v2.xml (14.8 KB)

Please make sure you are explicit about which tools you are using. In this case, is the server ODK Central? If so, this is a duplicate of ODK Central form data downloaded zip is empty and it would be helpful for you to answer @issa's questions.

Thanks Helene.

  1. I'm using ODK central
  2. its not a duplicate - the other issue was resolved.
  3. The issue : I created an xlsform based form with skip patterns and send it out for data collection. On the app,the form works fine.... and submision is seamless too. However, once i download submissions, some columns are empty when clearly it has data collected.. I checked on the API and can confirm that indeed the data is in the server but gets emptied on download as csv...
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Thanks for the report! I found the bug, and am fixing it right now. I'll update you when that fix is merged to master, and perhaps you can work the magic steps again that I gave you earlier to update to it when that happens.

Thanks for putting up with some of these early hiccups; Central is a pretty fresh start and ODK is quite complex. Your reports have helped a lot to find some strange cases.

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And that time is now! The fix is on master, so if you do the same steps to update your server to the latest code you should see your data as expected now.

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Thanks Clint... Will check out and revert....

Btw - you should consider a "delete" button for app users no longer needed on the platform...


Yes! That is very close to the top of our list. Thanks for the note.

@Felix_Mutua, you may have seen this functionality already, but I thought I'd mention that it's currently possible to revoke the access of an app user. Would deleting an app user be useful beyond revoking its access? Deleting an app user rather than revoking its access would remove it from the app user list, which would be one difference.

Yes I use the revoke access but the names remain.. When i'm adding other users the list really becomes long. In one project i'm using 50 app users who will have no role in subsequent projects hence their names remaining on the platform becomes a nuisance...

Just to close the loop on this, we've fixed this issue in ODK Central v0.3 Beta!

Noted..... Thanks. Has the following been included:

  1. Deleting of app users been implemented

  2. Including a field for the app user on the csv?