Missing Group Labels on ODK Collect

I created a XLSform containing nested groups and uploaded the form definition on ODK Central. When I am opening the form on Enketo viewer the group labels are rendering but when I am opening the same form ODK Collect App, the nested group labels are missing.
Please help me to resolve the issue and guide me to understand why I am facing this issue.

This looks like a customized version of Collect. Can you reproduce the same issue with stock Collect? Please also attach a sample form that has this issue.

I have reproduced the same issue with stock Collect. I have attached the XLSForm and the screenshots of the issue. In Enketo Viewer nested group label "Group 2" is rendering but in ODk Collect it is not. showing the nested group label. Test Form 3.xlsx (10.9 KB)

It works like that because its a field list group. I think it was a deliberate decision not to display nested group labels because it's something we should discuss in terms of design.
Maybe we should display such nested groups with some margin, maybe with different colors etc. (so we decided to have the simplest implementation)

@Sonali if you have some ideas please let us know.