Moving ODK Central to another server

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Good day,

I have been running ODK Central on Digital Ocean, and i want to run it on Ubuntu server. Is it possible to migrate it? If yes, Can someone share step-by-step process on how to do that.

I am also looking into deploying / installing a new ODK Central on the Ubuntu server. Can i use the same domain that I have been using on DigitalOcean? What would be the nameservers for the Ubuntu server?

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I have tried to install Central on the new Ubuntu server but I need the domain that I was using on the DigitalOcean to use for the Ubuntu (VM) installation. I don't know what will be the nameservers in this case.

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There is a great guide on the migration process here:

I assume you are trying to self host the Ubuntu server.

In order to change where the domain points to, first you need to find the public IP of your local machine. Then remove the nameserver records for the domain and add a DNS A record pointing to your public IP (you probably need to open ports on your firewall too...).

This could be fine for a small project, but practice I would not recommend this approach, as your network security is probably not as good as that of cloud providers.

If I misunderstood & you are migrating to another cloud provider, it's as simple as changing the nameserver records to that of the new provider.

Good day, Thank you for the response. Much appreciated.

Yes, I am migrating from Digital Ocean to local ubuntu server.

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