Mozambique users 🇲🇿

Anyone in Maputo want to have a meet-up?

Hello Simon,
I am also using ODK in Mozambique. Are you currently in Mozambique? I am based out of Maputo (UEM specifically) if you would ever like to meet up and troubleshoot ODK things.

Hi Sarah,

I’m also Maputo-based, but travelling at the moment. Would certainly be interesting to compare notes and experiences. I’ll be back next week and will get in touch again then.



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Hi Sarah. I am back in Maputo. You can contact me directly on

Yes, we would. We can offer a venue and good coffee. Team @ Terra Firma


This is great to hear! Whatever you all arrange for a time, do please announce it here, in case other folks in MZ are "lurking" and could benefit from meeting!

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Hi, Simon,
I am also using ODK in Mozambique. I am facing this kind of problem: Briefcase says fails when pulling data from server.

Can you help me? THANK YOU

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