My wife's Spanish hymnal

So, Yaw Anokwa and this lady asked me to share my wife's Spanish hymnal in ODK, so here are some screenshots.

Page 1 shows the table of contents and basically, you select a song and swipe

Page 2 shows the lyrics and an icon where you can play the song as well.

The songs are in .mp3 format and do take up some space, so I haven't been able to get them to download from my Tomcat server, so I copy them over USB.

Not the optimal thing coz I'd really prefer to serve them up over the wifi but, you know, it takes a while to download, so that's optional for the present.

In the paper version of the hymnal, I put a QR code that points back to the Youtube video my wife found for these songs. Haven't figured out how to use QR codes on my phone with ODK as yet, so more times for that.

Anyhow, it was a Mother's Day gift for her and she likes it.

If you want to see the .xls file, I don't really know how to upload it to the forum, so I'd have to email or something. Oh, I'll stick it on Google Drive. One sec.




Thanks for sharing, @Seth_Brown! What a great "outside the box" example of what ODK can help us do and a great gift. :gift:

So creative, l will call this creativity " e-odk book".

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My poor brain whirls with ideas like delivering lessons to school kids coz we can pull stats off the server.

Also, recipes! Cookbooks! mouth-watering stuff!

I go crazee with zese ideas!

We need a place to upload all the .xls, .xml form and screenshots of what people are working on, @LN!

Does this forum have such a place or should we just google drive our stuff individually?

Just asking.

BTW, I was talking with the local authority charged with promoting science yesterday. We were discussing robotics. One of the issues they mentioned, was the difficulty of teaching people how to program.

First, one has to teach them the concepts of programming, you know, if, then, else, variable assignments, loops, etc. etc.

Each robotic kit manufacturer has its own preferred language, its own IDE, etc. All for vendor lock-in, of course.

So, I demo-ed my wife's Spanish hymnal and told them it was programmed in Excel by filling out cells.

Now, here's the thing. I know you guys are all busy saving the world and all, but there's a great idea here waiting to save the world.

What if the real innovation of ODK is that it lets people program by filling out blocks in a spreadsheet?

So, if the XSLform thingy converts that into XML and whatever the app does to convert the XML form into a data entry screen, could be extended a little further, to be a generalised control language?

XML tags to read/write sensors etc?

Out of the box much?

Coz what is a phone but a robot that somebody carries around?

Yaw, baby, we can take over the world! Pinky! The Brain! World domination, here we come!!

So many great ideas, @Seth_Brown!

This Showcase category is for exactly the sharing that you're describing. I've also had it on my todo list to create a wiki topic where we can keep an index.

Regarding attachments, I think that we may have allowed XLSX and XML uploads after you had already made your original post. You should now be able to just drag and drop those files into a post to attach them. Feel free to edit your original post if you'd rather not keep those things in your gdrive!

I strongly agree that there's a ton of potential for using ODK and related ideas in education! What we are aware of is that a number of schools use it for statistics and science lessons. I look forward to seeing what you come up with in other showcase threads. If there's a lot of interest, it'd be great to put together some educational resources and maybe have an education committee focusing on that!


This is just fantastic. What a simple way to deliver such a great idea. I will put it in my phone. Kudos.


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I am so glad you liked it.
I think the idea can be extended to deliver instruction manuals, books, lesson plans, etc.
I copied the lyrics for each song into a single cell in the spreadsheet.
So, the limit is how much text can fit into a single spreadsheet cell.
Have fun,