OData connectivity FOR ODK Central with Google Data Studio?


Is it possible to connect OData stream of ODK Central to connect to Google Data Studio? Has anyone tried it?

Saad Omer

It seems certainly possible, probably just a ton of work. I've collected resources as a starting point at Create an OData connector to use ODK Central as data source in Google Data Studio

I've written the R package ruODK to access and analyse data in R. The internals of ruODK could serve as a starting point for developers working on an OData connector for GDS.

Yes, @Florian_May. Thanks, I saw your previous thread as well. It's a good effort. Involves a lot of work as well. I am not well versed in R, so I am thinking of adopting some different approach. One of the options is to push data to a google sheet and pull it in GDS. But that involves manual work on GDS side, which will not give live dashboard option. Another option is to have an intermediate hop of MySQL server, where ODK Central will dump data from one end, and GDS will have live connectivity from the other. I have just started to explore if it is workable to do, although it kills the idea of connectivity ease from ODK Central side.

If someone has a better idea, please do not hesitate to share.

@Saad myself and a team of Impact++ developers have been building a GDS connector you might be interested in! Check out the thread here, and the repository here.

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