ODK Adoption in US research community

Looking for stats on ODK adoption in the US. Some think that ODK is primarily used in developing countries. Given that ODK was developed at the University of Washington, I'd expect there to be a US research user community but I can't locate any information about that. Please reply back if you know where I can find out about use of ODK in US. Thanks, K

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Could you explain, please, how you would like to use this information? I.e. what is your "research question" for this?

Working on an evaluation of collection form tools for interoperable capture of governance metadata about datasets being submitted to repositories so that other researchers know what whether/how the dataset can be accessed, used, linked, or shared. Criteria for evaluation include the level of adoption in which research communities, interoperability, support for eConsent, and integration with FHIR. Since ODK and Kobo are known for use in the field and in developing countries, some assume that these tools aren't widely used in US. That notion isn't grounded in any data. I can't find any stats other than a slide in a deck indicating that ODK site got most hits from US. https://ictd.cs.washington.edu/docs/talks/2017/wrb_mobisys_2017.pdf slide 7. Please let me know if there are better stats on US ODK adoption.

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In 2023, ~.6% of submissions made from ODK Collect came from the US.

From Dec 13, 2023 to Jan 11, 2024, website traffic from the US looks like this:

I think it's safe to say that there isn't a lot of data collector usage in the US, but 20% of traffic coming to the documentation from the US suggests plenty of usage (likely project leaders, principal investigators, and so on) based in the US.

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Und the US have about 4.3% of the population of the world. (See https://population.un.org/dataportal/home?df=5c8ec256-e4b7-4a81-b1e9-0040db7af4ac). :cowboy_hat_face:

Thank you for your response. Now that REDCap is transformable to FHIR (https://github.com/aehrc/redmatch & https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6568121/), is anyone working on an ODK to FHIR/FHIR to ODK transform? That might increase US uptake of ODK.

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there's a forum thread about it