ODK briefcase issue & Postgresql

Hi, I am having issue with ODK briefcase. Whenever I send the data from ODK collect form to ODK aggregator which is linked with remotely virtual server and database Postgresql is linked. Now I am having 2 questions:

  1. When I delete data from ODK-aggregate then in export folder of briefcase doesn't refelect changes of data like of newly deleted data row still reflects.
  2. When I delete data how it's works in Postgresql. How Postgresql helps me in data all that. And more of information about the data gone to postgresql also I need.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Bharat_Sharma , to get more information about Postgres and the data collect from odk collect, read these Database Table Names - #3 by SGSC .

The solution to my doubts De Mysql a Postgres - #5 by Joaquin_Linares

There i exponed some doubts about the data in postgres. Maybe is usefully for you.