ODK Central API for CSV

Hi Friends,

As I am new to ODK tech. With the aim of understanding some basic ideas of Central API, I went through the site (odkcentral.docs.apiary.io), I got the link of the this site from my self-hosted ODK Central Server in Digitalocean, but still much confused for the following outcomes:

  1. How can I supply credentials in this link to download the submissions?

  2. What link and credentials should I use to provide the access of submission in the Metabase, specially what inputs for Name, Host, Post, Database name, Database username, database password are used and from where I can get those? Please see attached metabase page.

I tried to search if there is any similar existing thread, however I got basic idea for Redash @mathieubossaert (First use of a Central web form, and basic restitution with redash), but not on Metabase!

Can anybody Forum member help me with examples?

Kind regards,

Hi @Raj_Pravat

we had a similar discussion you should take a look at (with @Theron_Morgan-Brown1) :

Hi @mathieubossaert,

Thanks for your response.
Still looking for solution with examples, if possible.