First use of a Central web form, and basic restitution with redash

Good evening,

I shared my first public "web form" powered by Central's enketo capabilities, to ask people that did follow our courses, how many people are currently using ODK in their institution (Nature Conservation centric) :slight_smile: . 22 answers in the afternoon for 171 users ! Hit the dashboards image to get updated counts.

Here is a basic use of collected data with redash dynamic dashboard, through a json datasource (Central's OData API):



2 weeks later, 30 institutions, 485 users :wink: (link to the re-dashboard)


This looks amazing! Do you have details/examples on how the redash dashboard is set up?

Hi @seadowg

Here are some screenshots.
First you need to create a data source, here a json one which just allow to pass credentials.

Over this data source I can now create a query :

I can now already create a visualization table with for example the user count per organism

In my case, I will have to add a step to extract location coordinates from a json element.
Redash offer the possibility to query a cached query result with SQL Syntax (the query result is "cached" in a sqlite database"

And query for all the needed columns :

Now I can generate visualizations (a counter, a table, a map) and organize it into a dashboard. I that example we do not use any parameter. If it was needed, the parameters for each query in the dashboard can be set on the top of the dashboard and propagated to each query.
On big datasets, filtering Odata service will be an important step to avoid big data load, to be finally filter on the dashboard side.

Another more complete example (over a PostgreSQL data source):

Let me know if you want more precise explanations.


And here a Redash discussion about querying a json array in redash :