ODK Central - Please suggest OData systems for far-end


It seems that ODK Central does not have a lot of features to browse data directly on the dashboard. The only option left is to use some external system/dashboard to view data.

I am not really getting the hang of OData connection. It's not really working on simple excel. And there is no proper tutorial to help connect ODK central with some outside platform. Which platforms does everyone most commonly use to connect to central and view data, other than PowerBI?

Please do point me to some tutorial and resource which I could use to exchange data with ODK Central.


I'm on mobile run, but if R is an option for you, Google ruODK. Explanation, live demos, working templates, hosted RStudio on binderhub.
@odil recently built a dashboard app on top of Central, see his last post.

There's a lot of overlap between this and ODK Central clarifications required.

What is not working as expected? Did you follow the tutorial linked from the documentation (on the Microsoft site)?


Yes I have tried all the steps listed in the documentation. I am stuck on this step (ODK Central OData refused connection to PowerBI and Excel). Hoping that the owner of the thread or someone else could help me out with it.