ODK Collect sending ERROR Error: Generic Exception: recvfrom failed: ECONNRESET (Connection reset by peer)

What is the problem? Please be detailed.
So the problem is about sending finalized forms in the COLLECT, in the past days it is working fine and now it shows this error (Error: Generic Exception: recvfrom failed: ECONNRESET (Connection reset by peer), I tried accessing the aggregate and its working fine. Please can anyone experience this error and able to solve it? Thanks in advance.

What ODK tool and version are you using? And on what device and operating system version?

For the ODK collect I downloaded the latest release and running in samsung s4 and A5, with a jelly bean and marshmallow OS.

This likely has to do with your device or your connection. Reboot your device and try changing connection from Wi-Fi to cell and vice versa.

Hi Yaw,

Thanks for the reply, I already restarted the devices, i have a strong internet connection, but still i can't send the finalized forms, I tested to pull some data using briefcase and still it can not pull any data. I can access the aggregate in the web browser and also using my smartphone's browser.

Can a firewall block access from ODKcollect and briefcase? I will discuss it to my network admin later, but is it possible? Because all was working fine lately and i just don't know what happen, Thanks in advance.


Closing in favor of ODK Collect and briefcase can not access the aggregate but can access using web browsers