ODK Collect v2023.2

Release Highlights

  • v2023.2.0 - July 5th, 2023

    • Main screen now has icons and simplified language to help with navigation
    • Finalized forms can no longer be edited
    • Improvements to right-to-left language support
    • Forms can now be checked for errors during a form filling session (⋮ > Check for errors)
    • Improved performance when getting a value from an external CSV or an internal choice list
  • v2023.2.1 - July 9th, 2023

    • Translation updates
  • v2023.2.2 - July 13th, 2023

    • Fix crash when exiting a form previously saved as a draft for Indonesian
    • Allow editing finalized forms from "Ready to send" for a 3-month grace period
  • v2023.2.3 - July 27th, 2023

    • When editing finalized forms, warn that editing finalized forms is only temporarily available until September 30th
    • Add logging to troubleshoot rare crashes
  • v2023.2.4 - September 5th, 2023

    • Extend editing finalized forms from Ready to Send through next version (more in this thread)

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If your language is missing translations for the new main screen, please consider contributing translations! We will publish an update with improved translations very soon.


We've also updated the Play Store listing! We're hoping it better reflects what ODK Collect looks and feels like today. Special thanks to @Nicolas_Spoto for his user friendly form used by low-literacy agricultural workers.

This was a big release all around with many changes to parts of the app that had stayed the same for a long time. Thanks to everyone involved!