Please review translations of new Collect main screen text in beta

Thanks so much to everyone who helps maintain Collect's translations. You can see translations and participate in the process on Transifex.

We are getting ready to release Collect early next week. One of the big changes in this release is an updated main screen:

We need your help making sure that the translations for this screen are complete and meet the following goals:

  • Text is short and easy to read
  • Drafts / Ready to send / Sent are descriptions of the form state and feel familiar to users of email or other systems that have a draft concept
  • Start new form / Download form / Delete form are action-oriented

We have just released a new beta with the latest available translations so that you can see your language's text in action. Learn more about how to join the beta in this post.

It can be tricky to get the wording right! Feel free to use this thread to discuss a specific language's translations of that button text. You can also discuss inline in Transifex.

I'm happy to do another beta if you'd like to see updated strings in context, you can request that below!

:pray: Please make updates by Monday July 3rd so that they can be included in the release. :pray:


I really appreciate everyone who has filled in missing translations! v2023.2 is now out and we have made a first point release to include newly-updated languages, too.

Thanks to:

  • @Saad for Urdu. What an amazing push to get all missing strings updated! :trophy:
  • @erigmac for Indonesian. Many people said they needed it so that was definitely impactful! :tada:
  • @mathieubossaert for French. Thanks for considering my feedback, too! :smiley:
  • @aurdipas for Italian :it:
  • Translators for Czech, German, Finnish, Portuguese and Spanish who I can't find here on the forum. Let us know if that was you!

It would be amazing to get a few more languages with at least the new landing screen buttons updated!

@Iddy_Chazua, your previously helped lead such an amazing push on Swahili, maybe someone could get that main screen looking good by translating the first few strings here?

@TobiasMcNulty you recently helped improve things for RTL languages, maybe you know someone who could translate the first few strings here?

@arqaam it looks like you've contributed to Farsi, maybe you could take on the main menu strings here?

Thanks, everyone! :rocket:


We have another release coming up which means another opportunity to get some new and improved translations in, especially for the main screen.

If you don't know a language that needs translation, maybe you know someone who does. You can also help out by spreading the word!