ODK Collect v2023.3 Beta: validation errors and bulk finalization in drafts list

ODK Collect betas are an opportunity to get community feedback on upcoming releases. If you have an ongoing data collection campaign, we recommend quickly verifying your form on a test device. The release will be delayed until all reported issues are fixed.

Joining the beta program
To join the beta program, find ODK Collect in the Play Store on your device (not in the web browser) and scroll all the way down. Please don't join the beta with a device or account actively used for data collection! In particular, note that joining the beta is account-based. If you use the same Google account across multiple devices, do not join the beta with that account.

Leaving the beta program
You can leave the beta program from the bottom of the Play Store at any time. Once you leave, you will get the next production update when it is released. If you need to go back to the previous production release, uninstall and reinstall the app. Your settings will be reset but your forms will remain (though backups are always recommended).

What to check in this release

  • The drafts list now shows Error for drafts that are missing required questions and/or include values that are not allowed. Drafts without validation errors are labeled No errors.
  • You can now bulk finalize drafts from the draft list's action menu (⋮). This is useful for workflows in which new information may be identified at any time. See this thread for more context.

Additional testing
You can find a full list of changes in the release notes:

Thanks to all testers for your help!


1. What is the issue?
Some button names aren't displayed, I'm using tablets with android 5.1:

Thank you for reporting this, @Dahmane! Is this new in the beta or did it exist before? I have one Android 5.1 device and I see red as well but it's not solid like yours. Which make and model is your device?

No feedback yet other than this displays as expected and bulk finalise works. The coloured label is a good visual guide. (Galaxy Tab S7, Android 13)

Hi @LN, I think the last version that works fine for my tablets (Condor TGW810G) is v2023.1.2 and all versions after that have the same problem.

We've just published a new beta that should address the Android 5.1 issue issue reported by @Dahmane above as well as the exception @Ivangayton reported at Cast error with ODK Collect 2023.3 Beta 1 and select_one_from_file and map, also can't uninstall beta.

Thanks both so much for those -- they're both things that would have been very hard for us to identify! None of the Android 5.1 devices we have show as bad of behavior as @Dahmane's and the issue @Ivangayton came across only happens when using select one from map on a release build but we don't do all verification on release builds (we do most!).