ODK Collect v2024.2: import offline layers, style lines and shapes, recover saved work


Import offline layers into Collect
MBTiles files are now easier to use for offline basemaps or reference data (learn more).

Offline layers are useful to present custom geospatial data layered over standard basemaps or as basemaps for low-connectivity environments. Use them to display high-resolution imagery, annotated maps, heatmaps, and more.

Shoutout to @spwoodcock and @Nishon for all their work designing and prototyping this functionality!

  • Style select from map lines and shapes: use colors to make geospatial features stand out (learn more)
  • Friendlier crash recovery: helps users understand when they can recover automatically saved data (learn more)
  • Smarter autosend retry: autosend now retries with exponential backoff
  • Masked appearance: hide sensitive text that a user is entering (learn more)
  • New capture button icons: added icons for media, date/time and barcode questions

Other improvements

  • :magic_wand: Dynamic relevance expressions updated within field list
  • :world_map: Read-only geoshape and geotrace questions no longer allow edits

Download release

If you want to read more, see our detailed release notes. As always, let us know what you think.

What’s next? Offline entities and more! Check out our roadmap.