ODK-ers at FOSS4G in Dar Es Salaam, TZ?

The FOSS4G (Free and Open Source Software for Geo) conference is taking place in 10 days (August 27 to September 2) in Dar Es Salaam.

I know @zestyping and @Ivangayton will be there. Any other ODKers and/or anyone in Dar Es Salaam potentially interested in meeting up? @dicksonsamwel?

@Enrico_Ferreguti, perhaps you're going?

@mathieubossaert, you gave an awesome talk at the Paris conference earlier this year (Conf proposal about "ODK for spatial data" @ FOSS4G (Paris, May 2018)) -- know anyone who will be at this one and might want to talk ODK?

I unfortunately can't go this year but I'm sure it will be a great conference and would love to hear about any ODK activities that happen!


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Hi @LN,

Thank for sharing this, Unfortunately i dont think i can make it because i will be having some field work to attend to.


Hi everyone! I'm excited to be headed to FOSS4G very soon, and looking forward to meeting you and anyone involved with using, implementing, developing, or contributing to ODK at the conference.

I would love to meet with anyone implementing or using ODK for geo data collection. If you are, or you know of anyone in Tanzania or at FOSS4G who is, please connect us up right away!

And I have an announcement to make: We will be hosting an ODK sprint at FOSS4G!

The sprint days are Sep 1 and 2, and it's free and open to the public. Come on out, it'll be great! The details are on the Community Sprint wiki page. I'll start another forum thread specifically for the sprint.


Hi @LN ,

I don't know anyone in France who will be and who could talk about ODK in Dar Es Salaam.
Thanks for your comments on my talk :slight_smile:

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I forgot to mention this, but there is detailed information about the sprint at ODK sprint at FOSS4G, Sep 1 and 2

I'll be at FOSS4G all week as well - mostly in/around the Mapbox booth I suspect, but it would be great to meet folks. Unfortunately I can't join the code sprint as we're running another workshop that weekend.