ODK sprint at FOSS4G, Sep 1 and 2

Hi everyone! We're having an ODK sprint at FOSS4G, as part of the sprint days after the main conference.

  • When: Saturday, Sep 1 and Sunday, Sep 2, 8 am to 5 pm both days
  • Where: Tanzania DataLab, Bagamoyo Rd, Dar es Salaam
  • Who: All are welcome! The sprint is free and open to the public—you do not need a conference registration to join the sprint.

Also see the main FOSS4G sprint page for other details.

All are welcome to join us at the sprint! Users, implementors, writers, translators, coders—we'd love to see you there, particularly if you're new to ODK. We'll help get you started, connected to the ODK community, and contributing in whatever way you want to contribute!

What are we working on together?

  • Users: We'd love to learn how you use the geo features in ODK, watch you use them, and get your feedback on making them better. We have some new changes to geo functionality on the way and are looking for feedback on them too!

  • Implementors: How do you deploy ODK for geo data collection in your projects? Or how would you like to deploy it, if you could? Tell us about your workflow, what makes it hard and what could make it easier!

  • Writers: Let's improve the documentation and website! We have lots of tasks that need doing, large and small, to help people get started using ODK. Don't worry if you're new—it's always really helpful to get fresh eyes to point out sections that are jargony or hard to navigate for newcomers.

  • Translators: Let's make ODK Collect work in Swahili, Somali, and Amharic and reach whole new groups of users! We could use help with translations to these languages, as well as reviewing our existing partial (35%) translations to Swahili and the differences between Kenyan Swahili and Tanzanian Swahili.

  • Coders: We're making improvements to ODK Collect for geo data collection (details here), and also have lots of small improvements and bugfixes that we could use help with. New to developing on ODK? No problem! Install Android Studio on your laptop, and we'll help you get set up to contribute to ODK.

If you're thinking about joining us, please reply on this thread and introduce yourself! If you're new to this forum, you can register for a forum account instantly (click "Sign up" at the top). Let us know a bit about your experience with ODK and how you'd like to get involved. I'll be your organizer—reach out to me if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Hi! I'm Ping.

I'm Canadian and I live in Berkeley, and I have a programming background.

I'm currently a developer on ODK, making improvements to the geo data collection functions in ODK Collect. I'm organizing the sprint and can be reached at zestyping@gmail.com or +1 510 612-1824.

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@zestyping @LN, Ivan Gayton and I are doing the final reviews on the Swahili translations today.

The rough rules we are using:

We are capitalizing only first words of sentences and phrases (as per Swahili grammar rules). This does not always follow the convention used in English; for example the English string "Record Video" we are translating as "Rekodi video". The string "Rekodi Video" does not look correct in Swahili!

We are capitalizing proper names and acronyms. "Launch OpenMapKit" becomes "Fungua OpenMapKit" and "ODK password" becomes "Nenosiri la ODK".

Punctuation (period, exclamation mark) only for full-sentence string. For example, "View Image" become "Onyesha picha" (no period), but "No audio file was specified." becomes "Hakuna faili la sauti lililoainishwa." (with a period). This pretty much follows the way the English strings are written. Question marks we are using everywhere the English uses them.

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I am Evans Makundi, I must have missed this notification,

I have been using ODK from 2011 to 2014 i have made number of developments on this as well, and i will start using it again soon.

Kindly let know if there more such to come

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