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Hello everybody!

I am not an ODK user (yet) so I haven't introduced myself (yet) :innocent:
I'm interested in ODK but don't have friends who use these functionalities, and I am confused on a few things, I hope you guys can help me!

I've tried the Android collect App and it looks great. Are the submissions authenticated/can anonymous people answer? Would aggregate list their usernames when exporting answers?

By reading the tutorials I got kind of confused. Is the openmapkit App necessary to use collect? Can't the collect App get location by itself?

In terms of the restrictions, I understand that it's possible to have conditional forms where questions depend on answers. Are there any restrictions like restricting a Survey to a region on the map, or to some users (like a group of friends), that I can apply?

I hope I'm posting these questions in the right place :wink:

Hi Jack,

Let's start step by step. Please describe your objective of using ODK with few key points. Please try to follow the steps below:

  1. Set up the Aggregate server, which will act as a server as well as management dashboard. instructions: https://opendatakit.org/use/aggregate/
  2. Programme a simple form on xls convert that to xml using: http://opendatakit.org/xiframe/
  3. Upload the form to you Aggregate server
  4. Download ODK collect on your Android device and connect with your Aggregate server, then download the form and you are good to go.

If you get stuck at some point: 1st try to search for the solution on this forum, if not found then create a new post to seek help



Thanks for answering, but I was hoping to get some answers to my questions before I got into the entire process of deploying a server instance.

Hi jack,

submission authenticate twice one for the URL and the second for the "User Name" and Password.

can anonymous people answer? yes if you enable this from your aggregate Site Admin configuration.

Would aggregate list their usernames when exporting answers? yes if anonymous enter their user name in the setting of the ODK collect application and you added a filed Username in you form.

also you can get the Device ID fro each device send a submission to your aggregate.

Best Regards


Thanks Nader!
That is good information

Open Map Kit is not necessary. You can collect geopoints, geoshapes, and geoshapes by default.

Itโ€™s possible to restrict a survey to a region, but itโ€™d require a slightly tricky form design. Basically, youโ€™d require GPS location as a first question, then do some branching based on that value. You can also restrict to a group by either having them enter a code in the form or creating usernames/passwords on the server.


For restricting access by location, you may be interested in some of the ideas shared at Adding constraints to geopoint.


you are welcome Jack