Odk into arcgis/qgis

I have a question regarding odk and its capability of being put into arc-gis/qgis. I am a new user of odk and I am trying to help a non profit that will be using odk to gather data on water refilling stations. I am curious as to how one might go about putting odk into either arc-gis / qgis. Also I want to know if there is any way to get odk data to download to put into arc-gis. The organization I am helping doesn't have their odk app up and running yet. If I could have any odk data to put into gis so I am familiar with the process I would really appreciate the help.

Good morning @Simmerton and welcome ti the ODK community forum. Don't hesitate to take some time to introduce yourself here .
Many ways to load data into QGIS (and ArcGis I guess).
You should take a look at the QRealTime from @shiva_Reddy

I never used ArcGis and I do not know its capabilities, but I guss it could connect to a PostGIS database so you could also store ODK data into PostGIS and serve views to Both QGIS/ArcGIS. It depends on the complexity of the information system in place and needs of the organization you help.

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