QRealTime: A QGIS plug-in for ODK

Try our plugin to automate odk data download , sync and visualisation. If you are a GIS user the it can automatically convert your layers into odk forms. Check it out for many more features in QGIS. And for latest version use QGIS3


This is pretty cool, @shiva_Reddy! Can you tell the community a little bit about the difference between this plugin and the QGisODK plugin?

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Our plugin is first one to support ODK aggregate unlike QGISODK which supports Ona. Now I think they also have adopted our approach and now support aggregate . This plugin is active and available in QGIS 3( QGISODK is not available in QGIS3)

This plugin has has minimalistic design. QgisODK expects you to know much about Odk forms and terminology. Here you can head start immediately. You can right click on layer and find out three simple options.

We tried to make is as user friendly and as intuitive as possible.

I am sure once you use it you can feel the difference.

Looking for your opinion and feedback.


Great idea! I'm not familiar with QGIS myself, but the ability to generate XForms dynamically from GIS software seems very cool. Good to learn about the other plugin option as well.

FWIW, an idea for an extension: After posting the XForm to Aggregate you could make a second API call to Enketo to immediately get a webform URL to share with data collectors.


I am also using Enketo with my aggregate server. Can you help me to get enketo web form link by calling the aggregate API.

I would try to add this feature to my plugin soon.

Sure! You could use for example the offline-capable endpoint: https://apidocs.enketo.org/v2#/post-survey-offline. For that you'd need:

  • the Enketo API key,
  • the server_url e.g. youragg.appspot.com, (it seems that the plugin is already aware of this URL)
  • the form_id of the generated form

The API documentation will generate a snippet that will be useful for testing manually (just fill in the 3 fields in the top left). Just open an issue on https://github.com/kobotoolbox/enketo-express/issues if you have questions or post to https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/enketo-dev

Has anyone tried this with the new ODK-Central server? Or is the API of it too different for it to work?

I need access to ODK Central sandbox to test with my plugin.
Can anybody help ?

I have sent you an invite!

Thank you very much.
I have created an account.

I have created a branch of my code of QRealTime plugin to support ODK -Central and its working fine. You can test if you wish


Nothing constructive to add here at the moment other than this looks amazing.

Last night/early morning updated the plugin to support forms with any name given to the geometry field. This update also avoids 400 error in some servers. Use QGIS 3 for more recent updates

Hi everyone,
I have a question but yet no answer :slight_smile:

I already have an ODK Aggregate with an existing form.created without QRealTIme and I want to see the datas in QGIS
So, in QIS, I right click over any existing layer –> QRealTIme and choose import
A window open with the name of the form I have in my ODK Aggregate. So the link is ok, I suppose.
I click to ok and ... nothing happen :sleepy:

Any idea ?
Thank you


Are you using QGIS 3?. Please use that.

Even after that if problem is not resolved.

Following is the way to identify the error .

View-->Panels-->Log Messages.

Please copy the content of QRealTime tab and send me back

I would try to resolve if any issue is with the plugin.

Thank you for your quick answer.
Yes, I use QGIS 3.4.7, the last LTR
No message from QRealTime tab:
2019-05-07T15:03:37 INFO package already installed
And that's all :sweat:

Well I'm not sure that the geometry field is ‘GEOMETRY’,’location’ or ‘gps', but I hav'nt change the ODK aggregate configuration about that...

I have tried to Make Online and it work !
Do you think it could be a problem of projection (I use EPSG 3163 in QGIS) or because I'm leaving in south hemisphere ?

No, I don't think its a problem of projection. And definitely not because you are leaving in south.
And I am sure it is not because developer is from India :slight_smile:

But it is related to your form.
Did you check attribute table of your layer after import?
Geometry field naming is not important if you are using latest version of the plugin.

Finally if you send you form (either by url or xform xml file)

I would try to reproduce your scenario.

Here is the form :
Verification_Poste_2.xml (20.5 KB)

I'm not sure I understand how to " check attribute table of your layer after import"...

And QRealTime is 3.5.2 installed today...

Thank you for your help (and happy that the problem is not also because I'm french :wink: )

I meant to say right click on the layer in layer panel and open attribute table.

Also confirm, if you are facing same problem with version 3.5.2 ?