ODK Use in Food Security Work, International Potato Center Case Study

Pleased to share a short case study on the Sweetpotato for Profit and Health Initiative (SPHI) and their experience using ODK for data collection needs. Below is a snippet from the report.

Norman Kwikiriza, a staff member who spends his time traveling across Sub-Saharan Africa to train new farmers who want to adopt orange-fleshed sweet potato, uses ODK to collect monitoring and survey data using phones and tablets. Data collected includes sweet potato varieties distributed, farmer demographics, and geographic location of vine multipliers complete with farm pictures. CIP uses this data to compare yields among sweet potato varieties, and measure uptake of OFSP in rural households. This data enables project monitoring officers to take swift action whenever things are not going the right way.

“ODK has been an effective tool for this project. It’s cheap and monitoring officers can easily use it. It’s easy to export the results in excel, do my analysis and generate graphs,” said Kwikiriza.

ODK_CIP_Case_Study_Dec_2017.pdf (477.1 KB)