Odkmeta error "column header not found"

I am trying to produce an odkmeta do-file and run into the following error:
"column header list_name not found
invalid listname() suboption
invalid choices() option"

I do, however, have a list_name column in my "choices" csv, and I don't think encoding is an issue, although I could be wrong about that. These are the files I am using: survey.csv (75.4 KB)
, choices.csv (13.2 KB)

I am running the code using STATA 15 (Windows):
odkmeta using odkmetado, csv("$data\data.csv") ///
survey("$survey\survey.csv", label(label::English)) ///
choices("$survey\choices.csv", label(label::English)) replace

I tried specifying the listname(list_name) option but that didn't help. Any help is appreciated - thanks very much and happy holidays!

Hi @yuliab!

I took a look at choices.csv, and it looks like it contains a few non-ASCII characters: À, á, ã, ç, é, ê, í (perhaps others). Because of that, the file is encoded as UTF-8. (@yuliab, I think you have likely already seen this thread, but in case there are others for whom this odkmeta error is new, there was some discussion about it here.)

When I replace the non-ASCII characters with ASCII characters (for example, replacing À with A), I'm able to run odkmeta successfully. Once you have made those replacements, you may also need to save the CSV file so that it is not encoded as UTF-8. In my version of Excel, I used "Save As" to change the file format from "CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (.csv)" to "Comma Separated Values (.csv)".

Hope that helps!

Hi @Matthew_White!
My name is Bernard Logonia from Ghana.
I am having difficulty in creating a do file for the following forms.
Please help me.
First form
choices.csv (17.8 KB) survey.csv (60.6 KB)

Second form
choices.csv (19.6 KB) survey.csv (10.1 KB)

This is very urgent please help.