Odkmeta + using short name of variables

When creating the .do file using odkmeta to import from a .csv from ODK , what are possible ways of having the .do file use the ODK_name (short name) as the variable name in STATA instead of the long name (which includes all group and nested group names)? The rest of odkmeta's tasks work perfectly, just need the short name as the variable name in STATA instead of the long name (and to have that documented in the .do file if possible).

Thank you!

ODKmeta is good command but that belongs to Stata, so you need to post this question into StataList that is StataForum.
You can check below link that can helpful:

@Nick_Allen, there's some information on using ODK short names in the odkmeta help file. To view that, type help odkmeta in Stata or view the help file on GitHub. Under "Remarks for field names," there is a block of code that you can copy into the do-file to have it use the short names for the Stata variable names.

We've discussed adding this as an option to odkmeta, and there's even been a PR written for it, but it's not available in the current odkmeta release. It should be available sometime in the future, but for now, I recommend copying the block of code in the help file and following the instructions there.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks! I'm all set.

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