One Short Video on Data Collection

Hello friends, I am coming with one video series which is all about Data Collection in the field with the real-time data collection scenario so here is one video. which is below:

As I don't have any paid software I am working with limited resources for these videos.
Waiting for your feedback.


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Great video! :slight_smile:

My only suggestion might be, with a focus on free/open source tools, perhaps describe some potential (non-commercial) free alternatives to the ubiquitous MS Excel, eg Google Sheets, OpenOffice Calc, Gnumeric, ... A lot of these are either Linux or cloud based, but if folks really want $free$ there are other spreadsheet choices out there for simple data processing, without having to resort to a full blown (free) database like MySQL or Postgtesql processing.

The video seems be have been taken down :sob: