Option to add EXIF Location when it's not available by camera app

1. What is the general goal of the feature?
In response to the issue reported at : Get Geotagged photos, and Geo tagged photo in image widget
I would like to suggest :
An option for user to add location exif to image (in case it's not handled by Camera App).
Once this option is added, location exif information will be added to captured image (regardless of whether camera can handle this or not).

2. What are some example use cases for this feature?
In fieldwork, there might be few surveys where the survey has been started to collect data for mapping and listing of forest/trees/house in these cases we also asked to take a photo of places so if we have geotagged photo than we could verify whether the image is captured at the expected location or not.

3. What can you contribute to making this feature a reality?
Implement the suggested feature as said above

Suggested option can be realized as a checkbox as:

Thanks @MyName (and to @LN for tagging me!)

This looks like a really interesting and useful feature. I like the fact that it is unobtrusive. I assume that you intend for this to be checked by default? That would be a good option I think, but I wonder if that might lead to privacy issues if enumerators are not aware that images will be geotagged (so if they are subsequently shared outside a GIS environment someone could located the image) - oh I sound paranoid, but that's not a scenario that is actually relevant to me, so feel free to ignore.

In terms of use-cases, I have a number of (complex) forms where I need enumerators to take multiple images at multiple locations (i.e. one at each) within the same form. I have not separately grouped the geopoint and associated image because they are already within a repeating group! So this is a challenge for you / me to think how to ensure that the geotag is allocated correctly (I bet you already have the answer :slight_smile:)

In my case I use a common name for the image and geopoint: P1, P1_location; P2, P2_location so maybe a naming convention would work? But that might be an added complication for ODK Collect to parse, and easy to break unknowingly?

Anyway this is an excellent feature idea. Thank you.

Thank @seewhy for your reply !!!

Actually, I would like to set it to be unchecked by default due to that same issue you mentioned (enumerators are not aware that images will be geotagged).
With that being said, images will be geotagged only under enumerators' agreement).

As for your use-case of complex forms with multiple images at multiple locations, a location listener (to fetch location at a specified interval - 5sec for example) will be added. With that, we we have separately correct location information, unrelated to Geopoint widget, for each captured image(s).

Looking forward to your comment and suggestion
Thank you

It could be a form feature - setted at the form.