Photos without georeference or geopoint

after moving the application as a developer, the photos I send to google drive are not adhering to Geolocation or geopoint, does anyone know why? and how can i solve this?

Maybe the below will help. This thread discusses EXIF data (such as location) on images:

Maybe you can also contribute to this discussion about a requested feature related to your question:

Hi @BrunoAngelo

What do you mean by that? Updating ODK Collect or changing the camera app?
Generally if your camera app collects exif data that contains geolocation it should work well in ODK too (at least the newest ODK Collect should work well). Can you confirm that your camera app does that?

my cell phone camera records the geopoint.
however when I use the app and the photo is exported to the cloud, google drive in this case, there is no geopoint in the photo as usual..
remembering that, I debugged and installed the app as a developer, I don't know if that changes anything