Preloading with an option of new Entry

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
I wish to create new entries to add on the preloaded information. I have already preloaded the csv file. My challenge is I wish to add new entries that is, details of the new respondents who don't exist in the preloaded data since I intend to randomly select them from the field.

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3. What have you tried to fix the issue?
I tried adding questions, but they all appeared for all that were selected in the preloaded which made double entries.

For example, in preloaded form, after selecting the enumerator selects a region, they additionally select a district in that region, and then display preloaded details of the household head. I wish that after selecting region and district, I should be able to scroll through the preloaded households and add on new entries and their details. Is there a way how it can be done in the designing of the odk form? @yanokwa, @LN

Hi @Abigaba,

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So you have a list of preloaded information, and you want to be able to add new information to that list, to grow the list. In other words, to use a form to see what information is missing and fill it in, but have the newly filled in information available in the form next time?

I don't quite understand this part of your questions:

I tried adding questions, but they all appeared for all that were selected in the preloaded which made double entries.

This might be a good use case for Entities.
Your preloaded information could be represented as Entities, and then a form could both load information from the Entity List (exactly the same way it would load information from a CSV) but it could also create Entities that get added to the Entity List.

I just created this example form that loads information from an Entity List and also creates Entities in that list.
Create New Entities.xlsx (455.7 KB)

There are two downsides to this approach, though, but we are currently working on new features in Central and Collect to address these issues.

  1. If you have information already in a CSV, there is not an easy way to get this information into Central as new Entities. We are working on creating Entities from CSV files in the upcoming release of Central, which should be ready in the next few months. (In the mean time, it is possible to add Entities individually though the Central API, but this is more technically involved.)

  2. The flow described above, of adding new entries and their details, currently only works when the device is online (or can come back online between submissions). The submission that describes a new entry has to be uploaded to Central, where it will create a new Entity, and then the Entity List has to be re-downloaded to the device for the new information to be visible. This is possible now, but in the future, Offline Entity Creation/Updates will also be possible.