Printing ID Cards

Dear all,

I use ODK collect for the registration of farmers. In my Form I enter information on Name, Area, ID-Number and Photo.

Now I would like to use this information and a mobile ID-Card-Printer to print Farmer-ID-Cards visualizing the collected data directly in the field. Is there any option to print further information (Name, Photo, etc.) with the Zebra QR-Code Printing tool? Can the format-dimensions be adjusted? Does anyone know a mobile ID Card printer which could be connected to ODK?

Thanks for your help and warm regards!

In ye olde days of ODK Clinic, I was able to generate a PDF and send that to a printer on the network and it was super useful.

It looks like it's definitely possible to print from Android these days using CloudPrint, so it's just a matter of seeing who else wants this feature and how best to implement it.

@margaret_wambui would a feature like this be useful to you?

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I would definitely use this feature. The best part is I get to print many
records at once.
This is a good feature to implement.
Thanks Yaw

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