Printing submitted form

Dear members, greetings of the day
we are using ODK collect integrated with google sheet for third party monitoring project, we need hard copy of our form to be submitted to donor,so
we should first submit data to sheet via collect, and then we manually fill each form in printed checklists which are developed based on XLS form, then we should scan this form and send its scan copy to donor. so
is there any way to print our collected data as word document, or directed convert these records to PDF ?
thanks in advance.

You could use your spreadsheet of data and mail merge to create an output for each survey. The linked tutorial is based on addressing the same letter to many different recipients, but the process would be the same for other layouts.

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Thank you dear for your feedback, but my case is some thing else, in my case, we have more then 30 questions in one row of sheet i want to have top row (header) as question, and then each row's data as answers, i don't know about the impassibility of such performances, only i wanted to investigate if any one have a solution.

@danbjoseph is right that something like a document merge should do what you want. You can export to Excel and use the tutorial he shared. You can make your template document have all the questions from the form and then use placeholders for all the responses.

Since you're in Google Sheets, you may want to look at some of the add-ons out there that let you build documents from data in your sheets. For example, seems promising though I haven't tried it.