Problem building a field list


I'm new to ODK, i have tried doing this but unfortunately in the Mobile its not grouping. Attaching my excel file and XML here with. Could someone help to point out whats worng.

Daily_Renewal.xml (2.6 KB)
Daily_Renewal.xlsx (14.7 KB)

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Your use of appearance and field-list is correct in your XLSX file. I was able to load the survey to my phone using the XLSX file and Central and it worked. The problem is your XML file doesn't match your XLSX file.

This is from your XML file:

This is from the XML file I created by converting your XLSX file:

Your XML file is missing the appearance=field-list attribute on the group, and was not created from the version of the XLSX file that you attached. How did you convert from XLSX to XML? Did you use XLSForm Online? Maybe you used an older copy of your XLSX file.

When I started with your XLSX file it worked:

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