Problem ODK Collect v1.25

Good morning,
with the update of the ODK Collect V25, problems with my forms are being presented, at the time of downloading a box appears on the left and when filling out the form, he says that he cannot save even though he is filled out.
We identify that this error occurs when there are validations and / or jumps.
Attach test form
test6.xml (33.3 KB) test6.xlsx (29.7 KB) test4.xlsx (29.6 KB) test4.xml (33.1 KB)

Hi @jonnathanCh

Thanks for reporting the issue, I'll take a look at it ASAP.

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I appreciate you can help me quickly because I have my projects stopped

Thanks for reporting this, @jonnathanCh and for the quick fix, @Grzesiek2010. v1.25.1 is now out and fixes the bug. This was happening when the first geopoint question in the form was not relevant.

Thank you very much to the whole team, this morning apply tests and this is correct.

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