Problem with images in ODK Aggregate, they are displayed as video file

The reason for the doubt is because a problem is occurring in ODK with the images. Some of them appear as *.heic video format and when transferring the json file to carbone no video or image is generated. These images are being lost and therefore we are also losing information.

Sorry, I forgot to add the screenshots of the images in video format


Please note that Aggregate is no longer being supported. Central is now the ODK server. We strongly recommend using Central, as Aggregate has not been patched for security, reliability, and other issues since May 2021 when it reached end-of-life. The post below has more details.

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heic is a highly efficient format that can represent single images or sequences of images ("live photos"). Unfortunately, it's not very well supported yet across systems. You can look online for free converters from heic to jpg.

I suspect this issue might be related to I am having trouble uploading some photos and it shows me this error. Can you please find out from that user whether their camera produces heic images? If so, they may be able to configure that in their camera app and produce jpg instead. I have never seen heic produced by an Android device so I don't know any more details on how to do that.

Yes, it seems that the device being used (Samsung) has the default .heic format for photos.
I just have to change this from the options of the camera application and it already takes the photos in jpg format

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