Problem-With-Publishing-to-GoogleSpreadSheet: Publisher-PAUSED

Hi, all.
I’m using ODK Aggregate V1.4.13.
I used to publish successfully data for a given form to Google Spread sheet; but, last week, when I published data of the same form to GSS, only a part of the data was pubished and the Status of the publisher turns to PAUSE (pls, see screenshot in attach); if I click on it to restart, it turns to ACTIVE _PAUSE some miniutes and turns back to PAUSE.
I’ve finally used Briefcase to pull down my data, but I need your help to solve the above problem.
In advance, thanks.

Any idea for my "Publisher_Paused" problem, please?

@Amal it's likely you've exceeded your API quota. Have you looked at the note at the top of and verified your usage?

@LN, thank for your help.
I've looked for that page (in my case), but I don't know if I've excceded my API quota; generally, how do I know that? please.
In attach, a screenshot of a part of my page

I just successfully used the Google Sheets publisher for a project so there doesn't seem to be anything fundamentally wrong with it.

You may want to try turning off "Disable faster background actions (exports, publishing, form deletion) (slows quota usage on Google AppEngine)" from Site Admin -> Preferences. Then I would recommend removing that publisher and adding it again.

Many thanks to you, @LN.