Publishing all data (even in loops) to one sheet

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We have launched a survey with several loops, but when the data comes into the Google sheets, the loops are spread across multiple tabs. I either need to fix this to where all data comes into one tab, according to the parent key ID or I need to figure out how to merge data across tabs when there are more than one entry per parent key on the various tabs.

Ex: one person has multiple children and we create a child loop with data entered on each child. I need all of that data to be on the one line of the main survey tab.

Is there a way to download the data from ODK into one sheet/tab or code it in the form to do so? Or, I can't seem to find a way to get the data (from merging queries) all on one tab without duplicate entries for loops having the same parent key/ID.

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This is the expected behavior. Repeats are a powerful tool but with that power comes a necessary increased complexity in the output data structure. Please see the "Tip" box in the section of the docs on Repeating questions for 2 alternative form design options:

Also, if you have not seen the announcement, please note the upcoming changes to the ODK/ Google Sheets functionality: