Pyxform not using custom required message

I am using the latest version of pyxform to convert and while it converts fine (albeit with the same parse warnings about requiredMsg) I am still getting the standard "Sorry, this response is required!" message instead of my custom message. Thoughts?

What version of pyxform are you using? How are you running the conversion command? Can you provide a sample XLSForm that has the problem?

Hi, I am using the latest version of pyxform pulled from their git repo ( I am running it at the command line with xls2xform filename.xlsx filename.xml

See attached for a quick example. Thanks for your guidance!

required_msg_test.xlsx (17.3 KB)
required_msg_test.xml (1.8 KB)

This turns out to be a Collect bug. We're working on a fix and should have it out soon. Thanks so much for reporting, @trialsize!

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Thanks for the update! I've been following the conversation at and look forward to the resolution. Thanks to you, @grzesiek2010, and everyone else for jumping on this so quickly!

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@trialsize The ODK Collect v1.14 Beta release has this fix for Collect. Can you try it?

@yanokwa I'd be happy to but I'm currently having internet issues at my work. I will test as soon as I am able.

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@yanokwa Works great! Thanks again to everyone who worked on this!