Query regarding recording of survey

I just want to ask , Is there any way by which whole survey could be recorded in the background till the end so that most important part of survey which is M & E could be monitored in future for authentic information. Means survey and voice recording in background.

Thanks in Advance for your valuable reply
Praveen Negi

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As far I know, there is no such built-in feature of ODK can allow you to record Audio/Video of a survey. I am just wondering, why do you need to record the voice of a survey. Standard surveys do not require voice recording of the whole survey process. However, as a part of the survey, you may record short video/voice clip or take pictures.


Sir, This is for the monitoring purpose so that nobody could get any fake interview. Generally on field it happens a lot, a lot of survey which we evaluate later are fake or never interviewed .

So, I thought if there is any way to record interviews, such miss happening can be controlled.

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Hi Parveen,

In that case, you can include an option to capture video/audio clip to confirm the participation of the interviewee and interviewer at the beginning of the interview.

Suggestion 2: if the form is not too long then you can add all question twice as the attached form:
example.xlsx (11.8 KB)

In this way, you may capture audios of some key questions. However, try not to capture too many audios clips. I believe this helps.

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My name is praveen, this was my first experience with ODK while I have used dorzen of tools before for creating survey tools. If felt the odk provide you many advantages over other but there are some of the basic bugs like Time, and can we record whole survey at the background for better monitoring and evaluation purpose.

I there is any possibility then please revert me ASAP else is there any other way thorugh which i could do this.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Parveen_Negi

Could you clarify your question? What do you mean by

record whole survey at the background

only start and end time?


Sir, I mean as a particular survey starts it should start recording at background in my Tablet which will have the ID same as generated in my database with the name of UID.


This is a duplication of a similar topic you have created; therefore, they have been merged.

Thanks for your understanding,

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Hi @Parveen_Negi recording voice in the background without knowledge of respondent is prohibited to do in the survey. For this you need to take approval from IRB(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Institutional_review_board) as well as respondent.


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@Parveen_Negi there have been some conversations about recording audio audits while enumerators are collecting data:

The concept is to record short snippets at random or fixed intervals. These can later be listened to to "spot check" interactions. @iamnarendrasingh is right that using this kind of feature may require participant approval depending on the laws of the country/region it is used in.

In order for such a feature to move forward, there will need to be thought given to how it is enabled and configured and any form specification changes. Of course, code will eventually need to be written as well. If this is an important feature for you, @Parveen_Negi consider starting to design how it will work and perhaps finding someone who will contribute the code.


We are also searching for similar feature for recording survey at the background.
Any updates?


No. Nothing has changed.

Hi @Grzesiek2010
I may need this if you could please suggest with an example, we have a survey and I want to know the duration only, from the first click to the last click of the button.

Hi @Abdulwasi
Have you seen https://docs.getodk.org/form-audit-log/? It might be a solution you need.