Ranking importance of a previous question's answers (multiple answers)


There's a question in our survey where we ask participants "From the following list of buyers, to which ones do you sell conventional agricultural products?"

Then, follow up with a question asking them "Of the buyers you mentioned, which ones are the most important?"

How can I do that? To be able to select (one or multiple) of the choices selected in the previous question. (Right now I just have the same list re-appear, not only the buyers selected)

I created a document with this question only in case it is easier to show me in it directly, and here is a screenshot of the two questions:

And the choices tab:

Here's the excel sheet:
Buyers.xlsx (9.2 KB)

Thank you very much! I appreciate your help.


If you're using the same list, and want the second question to only show options that were selected in the first question you can use add a choice_filter column with a value of selected(${buyers},name) for the second question. More details in this forum thread about Choice filter with multiple selection.

Note, that there is a rank widget that might be useful for your survey (details in the ODK docs and XLSForm docs).

Thank you so much @danbjoseph. Very helpful as usual!

Hello Dan,

I have a follow up question on this. The question right after "Of the buyers you mentioned, which ones are the most important?" is: "Of the most important buyers that you answered in the previous question, how satisfied are you with the sale with each buyer?" And the answer option is a "select_one" from a list: "Very satisfied, satisfied, not satisfied, very unsatisfied"

I am attaching the file with the third question for your reference.

My question is: how do I have that 3rd question repeated but for only the choices selected in the previous question?

Thank you x 1 million! I really appreciate your help.


Buyers.xlsx (9.6 KB)

Be sure to use an underscore in the column header... choice_filter

For the third question, you could use a repeat but it can be tricky to implement (see Repeat recipes and tips) and the data analysis will be more difficult - as the results from the repeats will be saved to a separate spreadsheet.

If there are not a very large number of buyers, you can create a satisfaction question for each one and only show the ones necessary using relevant.

Example: Buyers_satisfaction.xlsx (10.2 KB)

This is great, this way makes a lot of sense. I appreciate your help @danbjoseph, thanks!


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