Read-only view for submissions in ODK Central

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.

Would like to view form submissions in a read-only view.

A project at my organization is using a log based data validation system that handles multiple data types well. The log is essentially a CSV that flags issues in the data and requests human review (e.g. for submission ABC, a temperature reading is out of range). While the system can handle simple survey questions, it can be difficult for users to get the proper context when there are more complex patterns. For example, there is a multiple select question with an other option. If other is selected, the enumerator may enter the response as free text. Sometimes, the free text actually corresponds to an option and the should be selected in the multiple select question.

Being able to access a read-only view of the submission would make contextualizing the response much easier.

2. What steps can we take to reproduce this issue?
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3. What have you tried to fix the issue?
Looked through documentation for enketo and odk central to see if this could be implemented. >> nothing here to indicate a view only option is possible >> seems like with kobotoolbox this could be possible. I would prefer a solution in odk central.

Integration of Enketo into ODK Central >>> seems like this was on the docket at some point but I don't see it in my version of odk-central

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These users have "Project Viewer" roles on your project and so don't have access to edit submissions, is that right? Users with other roles tend to use the edit view and not save changes which is not completely ideal but works. There is a major gap for users who don't have edit permissions.

Okay - so there is no built in way to add a read-only/view button for a submission but a user would have to make click the submit button for any changes to be saved. Any changes made would appear in the submission log and for the most part (how would this work with widgets that automatically record data?) could be reverted to previous values.

That's right and it's not ideal.

Do folks generally view forms from the submission table or do they first see the submission details? I'm asking because while it's not a difficult technical problem to add view capabilities, there's a user experience challenge with adding more and more buttons.