Relevance of "Specify other" not working for select_multiple questions


I have a select_multiple question where I ask "Who takes care of conventional crops in your home?" (It's in Spanish: ¿Quién se encarga de los cultivos convencionales en su hogar?). With different choices in the choices tab: "You"/"Partner"/"Children"/"Other"

A follow up question is: "Of the members who take care of these crops, how many days a month does each dedicate?" (In Spanish: De los miembros de la familia que se encargan de los cultivos, cuantos días al mes se dedica cada uno:)

For some reason, and this is the case for all of my "select_multple" questions, if more than one answer is selected, it's as though none are selected and it doesn't ask the questions I specified relevant for each. To make this clearer, I am sharing a screen shot of those two questions in my Excel form:

Thank you SO much for your help!


For relevant on a select_multiple you will want to use:

selected(${question_name}, 'answer_name')
(be sure to wrap the answer part in quotes)

And not:

${question_name} = 'answer_name'

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Thank you so much for your quick response! So.. I tried the formula you sent, at first I did:
selected(${cultivos_convencionales}, 4)

--> since 4= "other" (otro/s in Spanish)

I got an error, then when I write out the label of that response (as in the screen shot below), I don't get an error, but when I select "other", that follow up question simply does not show up - although it doesn't exist altogether.


And thank you for the warm welcome, will introduce myself on the forum thread you sent soon.

Thank you very much!

In case this is useful, here is a screenshot of the choices tab:

You need to wrap the the answer in quotes.
selected(${cultivos_convencionales}, '4')

example: relevance.xlsx (9.7 KB)


Thank you so much @danbjoseph! It worked! :slight_smile:

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