Repeat function does not update when going back on ODK Collect

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1. What is the problem? Be very detailed.
I am designing a survey where I ask the following:

  1. "How many samples will you examine today?"
  2. Set of questions on the samples that are repeated for x times where x is the number entered in question 1.

This all works fine in ODK Collect. However, if I first enter 4 in question 1 and then I change my mind and go back, and enter 5, the second set of questions does not update and will be asked four times instead of five. Is there any way in the settings to change this?

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Can you please upload your form here? I could not replicate the issue. When I went back and increased the number, the number of repeats also increased.
This is the form I tested: repeat_number_of_times.xlsx (8.8 KB)

|     type     |      name       |       label        | calculation  | repeat_count |
| integer      | my-number       | How many?          |              |              |
| begin repeat |                 |                    |              | ${my-number} |
| calculate    | repeat-position |                    | position(..) |              |
| note         | repeat-note     | ${repeat-position} |              |              |
| end repeat   |                 |                    |              |              |

Please note the behavior when decreasing the count as discussed here:

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